Friday, December 30, 2011

two o one one the compilation

p/s:compilation of blog post through out year two o one one

power of loves 2.0

p/s:loves conquer all
p/s:p/s:due respect to the all "mecha mangaism" that been inspired me
p/s:p/s:p/s:thanx to pepijun for the screentone,need to learn more on how to use it well..
p/s:p/s:p/s:p/s:this is a sequel of

Thursday, December 22, 2011

power of loves

p/s:love give you strength 
p/s:p/s:this is also a submission for DIRTIEHAND

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

this is an advert

i've been settin' new community blog call DIRTIEHAND
this is one of the reason that I've been busy lately that
could not do some strippin' as I've been doin lately
*hahaha...what an excuse
in this blog me and my friend will battle for the passion of drawing skill, creativity and other thing that what create art in visual form..
the tittle will be given in every two weeks by the winner of the past battle..
and this i share to you couple of my artwork that i do for the DIRTEHAND

p/s:this is the welcome poster that i made it base from 
one of my favorite movies called "clockwork orange"
p/s: this is for the first battle "SUPERHERO YOURSELF"
this character is called "NEGA KUPEH"
overload of freelance work + over-strayed on the monitor
had release new supa-animator!!
His powers posses by nerdy but freaks animator which he's four arms makes him do many scene in a day(even faster),
doing a hand job while making scene(nice),
and also can do battle while making scene.
his eye posses the yellow fire breath demon that makes
him stayed all night long without sleeping.
His had sacrifice two front teeth to posses this kind of power.

p/s:p/s:so come on guys check out my community blog
"mic check one two one two"hahaha
here the link to the battle blog that we called 
p/s:p/s:p/s:come now and vote for your favorite artwork!! 

Monday, December 19, 2011

girl from mars

p/s:listen to my old playlist and found it nice to have my own girl from mars
p/s:p/s:sorry guys cos didn't do much on the strip that i'm suppose to do,due to the laziness effect by "disemberism"
p/s:p/s:p/s:the link to the vids 

Thursday, December 1, 2011

R.I.P Mr.Jack

p/s:exclusively tribute to my homies jack da iguana
p/s:p/s:"dangg!!i'm crazy about this brown paper.."